Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Impossible to Communicate Without Communication!!!

We can all agree that communicating with our teachers can be a bit of an issue, right? Also, the way our teachers communicate with us is not always convenient or in either of our best interests. So, to make JSU a more efficient 21st century environment, we have to drop everything we're doing and begin to improve the communication between professors and students. So, to put this plan into action, I proposed the following ideas: 1. Text alerts should be used as an alternative or addition to our GEM system. Most students had previous email accounts before attending JSU, so checking our GEM accounts is not much of a priority although it should be. However, incorporating these text alerts will allow professors to still message us through their GEM accounts, but instead of having to check our emails constantly, we students will get an INSTANT text message with the information. This will definitely benefit students campus wide, especially those who commute to school. 80% of students who attend JSU don't live on campus and commute to school everyday. If class were to be cancelled, this will save them gas, money, and most importantly, time. This will also be beneficial when the professor doesn't finish giving out complete details for an assignment in class. It's a quick and simple way to get things done and make things known more efficiently and immediately.

2. In addition to the text alerts, professors should also incorporate Google Hangout into their daily schedules. As much as we LOVE to sit and listen to our professors lecture each and every day, (please be aware of the sarcasm) sometimes it's a little challenging to retain every bit of information that is being taught that day. And sometimes we just so happen to doze off into another world beyond the white brick walls, old screeching desks, and the monotone human being standing before us. Therefore, using Google Hangout would be very beneficial. I think I speak for us all when I say that meeting your professor outside of the classroom to get help can be a little intimidating. Using Google Hangout will allow professors ad students to communicate with each other on a more efficient, and personal level. It will also give students the opportunity to explore the many great features that Google has to offer. I mean, we usually sit at our desks all day on the computer anyway when we're not going to class or teaching class. Hangout allows you to group chat with up to 10 people, and is a GREAT alternative to actual classroom teaching. It allows students to interact with each other on a more personal level and also allows the professors to see what kind os students they have in their class. All in all, let's confess that JSU is one of the greatest schools to date. But let's also confess that we could use a little bit of change around here to help make it a more 21st century environment, and improving communication between students and professors is a great place to start!

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